Karpacz, ul. Narutowicza 1A

Eat and drink

ŻURAWINA restaurant

When it comes to the kitchen, we are like Italians. We try to celebrate even the simplest dishes by devoting our time, effort, thoughts and heart to them. Tell us what do you fancy today? We will prepere for you a feast for body and soul. Are you on a diet? For us it is nothing extraordinary that dietary food means poetry of tastes … A friend eats porridge? You eat the cottage cheese. You don’t eat cheese and cold cuts? Replace them with pancake, veggie products, or gluten-free rice waffles. In addition, local specialties from the Karkonosze Mountains. We hope that when you try our dishes in our you will feel the passion put into them. A passion for cooking … Well, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach as they speak!


That pate sandwich again? Maybe in another hotel, but not in ours. At Station 605 you can eat whatever you want and how much you want. Every morning we provide you with a solid and varied selection of products that will give you strenth for the day. You will understand it when you smell fresh scrambled eggs, taste crunchy bread or vegetables and fruits from our local suppliers.



A place where you can start your day or end it. A place where you can have a chat and get away from everyday life. A place where you can enjoy a cheeky drink before dinner. A place filled with fine wine. A place where the bartender will become your best confidant. A place where you can relax with a pinte after a day of hiking in the mountains. Simply Your place in Karpacz.


It’s time for an unforgettable celebration of a birthday, wedding or a hen party!

The Żurawina restaurant can accommodate 120 foodies. The room is well laid out and perfect for hosting your special event. If you come in a group of up to 12 people, we have a private room for you, where you can feast with your own company.


Gee! You are about to have another 18th birthday and you have no idea where to organize it? Trust us! We will prepare the party of your lifetime! Do you like fancy dress parties? No problem! We will help you in borrowing Cossack costumes. A cake with candles, helium balloons, a ride on quad bikes … We are able to prepare everything, as long as your party goes well. Are you in?


Do you plan to live happily ever after? That’s great, because Station 605 is a place where every young couple can start the best journey in their life. Are you fed up with standard wedding receptions? Do you want to have fun with your friends and family in an unusual place in Karpacz? Our team will make sure that you do not have to worry about anything and have a nice memory of your wedding in the mountains.

the end of freedom?

Hen night, stag do .. but how? After all, one night is definitely not enough! Are you a bridesmaid? Organize an unforgettable, last night of single life for the bride. Bachelor, how much paintball games and discos you can have? The away hen and stag parties are definitely better and give more excitement than those organized in clubs. Let yourself be surprised! We will help in the organization. We will sort out costumes, a quad bike trip, dance lessons, a private party with a DJ, and even prepare treats in the shape of … you want.

Find out what more we can do for you. We would also like to implement your ideas.