Karpacz, ul. Narutowicza 1A

Meet us

Why station 605?

We believe that every place, especially touristic, should have its own station. A station – a place where you can stop, relax after your journey or take a break before continuing your hike. Why 605? Our facility is 605 meters above sea level, 6.05 km to Śnieżka, Raven Rocks are 605 steps away, and the distance to both Monaco and London is 605 miles. Plus, there are 605 reasons to be here and we hope you will discover them all.

STATION 605 is MADE UP OF harmonious PEOPLE
We offer you what has never been seen before in Karpacz. It is an object for all those who have enough of conventional places and want to spend interesting leisure time among loved ones. Station 605 in Karpacz is a place for artists, athletes, students, crazy families, people with young spirit and fit-freaks. If you’re open to others, you’re sure to find your place in the Station. Not only to sleep on a comfortable bed, but also to spend your time creatively.

An exceptionally designed building and its original interiors need only one missing element to become a whole. We need you and people without whom you can not imagine your life.


We organize free games and events, from karaoke to live concerts. In the evening, you can sit with the crew in our bar or relax in NoBoundries and Night Owl. In addition, you can park your car with us free of charge.


By stopping at our Station you will be guaranteed integration with others. Let us accompany you on your journey. Together we will spend time actively or in blessed laziness in a place full of passion and in a great atmosphere. Bring your friends and family with you or meet interesting people on the spot.

Sneak peek

Come to the first trully inspiring hotel in the mountains. It’s a unique place you’ll love at first sight. . It is worth to come to us even from afar. You’ll see, seriously!


Book your stay directly with us! We will give you the lowest possible price, without additional commission, with free food and lots of attractions. Especially for you, we constantly make sure that our prices are competitive and the offer best suits your sophisticated requirements.